Your organization has stories to tell.

It’s when your stories are brought to life that you find an engaged audience at a program, a fundraising campaign goal exceeded or wider name recognition and attendance. Sometimes, your staff is stretched thin and in need of a little support or fresh perspective to get there.

That’s where I come in!

I help organizations amplify their impact through program design, evaluation and fundraising.

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Organizational Development



“Ellen continues to impress me and is a joy to work alongside. I have learned so many strategies from Ellen, she is a specialist in her trade and lives up to and beyond her commitment to engage with her clients. Ellen demonstrates flexibility with her time, clarity in her messaging, and dedication to being present during every engagement! It is an honor to partner with Ellen and I look forward to many more opportunities to engage, learn, and grow through Ellen’s leadership, guidance, and consultation!”

–Ty Johnson, Early Education Manager, Early Learning Ventures

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