For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy

I was honored to be a guest speaker on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching podcast, where I shared some nonprofit insights to K-12 teachers looking for fresh ways to inspire their students. I cleaned up our podcast notes for this blog post—feel free to give the original podcast a listen here: As we think about student engagement,Continue reading “For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy”

The 1-2-3 of Annual Reports

If you’re the director of a nonprofit (especially an emerging one!), creating an annual report can seem like one more thing on your never-ending to-do list. However, it’s an important document that illustrates your organization’s mission and impact and demonstrates your fiscal responsibility—key elements in making a strong case for continued financial support. Foundations oftenContinue reading “The 1-2-3 of Annual Reports”

Holding Space: The Arts’ Relevance During Traumatic Times

It has become incredibly clichéd to say that this past year has been like no other. Between the pandemic outbreak, continued racial unrest and repeated acts of violence and political vitriol—each month has brought one traumatic event after another. During this tumultuous time, many have turned to the arts for connection, social understanding and healing.Continue reading “Holding Space: The Arts’ Relevance During Traumatic Times”

Beyond Counting: Setting Yourself Up to Tell Your Impact Story

Effectively demonstrating the impact of your organization not only builds awareness of the good, hard work you’re doing; it also builds trust and partnership—with donors, patrons, and most importantly, staff. Whether someone is giving dollars to a cause, volunteering time or straddling work-life balance, he or she wants to feel like those contributions are makingContinue reading “Beyond Counting: Setting Yourself Up to Tell Your Impact Story”