For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy

I was honored to be a guest speaker on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching podcast, where I shared some nonprofit insights to K-12 teachers looking for fresh ways to inspire their students. I cleaned up our podcast notes for this blog post—feel free to give the original podcast a listen here: As we think about student engagement,Continue reading “For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy”

Finding Collaboration Among the Pieces of an Earth-Shattering Time

With COVID boosters scheduled and the kids’ vaccine around the corner, there’s hope that we may be rounding the corner of our collective pandemic marathon. I have been wondering what will remain from this seemingly endless period of triage. I would love to see more organizations firmly establish more flexible work environments that allow teamsContinue reading “Finding Collaboration Among the Pieces of an Earth-Shattering Time”