Poetic Inspiration from Rita Dove

April is National Poetry month. I have often turned to poetry–both as a reader and writer–especially during those moments where I am seeking understanding during difficult times. Poetry has a knack for providing an entry point, a spark that makes you think, something for you to latch onto as you ponder its meaning. One ofContinue reading “Poetic Inspiration from Rita Dove”

1 Year and 7 Nonprofits Later…

March 24th marks the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Three Notch’d Nonprofit Solutions! What began as a desire to tap more deeply into my varied experience grew into an LLC, then a website, and now a platform for me to broaden my impact on nonprofits across the country. I am proud of what IContinue reading “1 Year and 7 Nonprofits Later…”

For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy

I was honored to be a guest speaker on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching podcast, where I shared some nonprofit insights to K-12 teachers looking for fresh ways to inspire their students. I cleaned up our podcast notes for this blog post—feel free to give the original podcast a listen here: As we think about student engagement,Continue reading “For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy”