2 Years in Business! {A Look Back at 2022}

This month marks two years of Three Notch’d Nonprofit Solutions! As I celebrate the continued growth of my business, I have immense gratitude for my clients, whose trust and collaborative spirit have enabled me to share in the impactful work they are doing across the country. Below is a snapshot of what I’ve been ableContinue reading “2 Years in Business! {A Look Back at 2022}”

Poetic Inspiration from Rita Dove

April is National Poetry month. I have often turned to poetry–both as a reader and writer–especially during those moments where I am seeking understanding during difficult times. Poetry has a knack for providing an entry point, a spark that makes you think, something for you to latch onto as you ponder its meaning. One ofContinue reading “Poetic Inspiration from Rita Dove”

1 Year and 7 Nonprofits Later…

March 24th marks the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Three Notch’d Nonprofit Solutions! What began as a desire to tap more deeply into my varied experience grew into an LLC, then a website, and now a platform for me to broaden my impact on nonprofits across the country. I am proud of what IContinue reading “1 Year and 7 Nonprofits Later…”

For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy

I was honored to be a guest speaker on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching podcast, where I shared some nonprofit insights to K-12 teachers looking for fresh ways to inspire their students. I cleaned up our podcast notes for this blog post—feel free to give the original podcast a listen here: As we think about student engagement,Continue reading “For Teachers: Igniting Inquiry, Engagement, and Joy”

Lessons From My Mother

Last month marked one year since my mother’s passing from this earth. This past year has been marked by moments of heartache—for her guidance, conversation, hugs—but also growth and understanding. It is out of this major life milestone in this past year that I started my consulting business, after moving my family across the countryContinue reading “Lessons From My Mother”

Five Ways to Curb Burnout {Guest Post}

In the final post of the Burnout Blog Series, guest author Jamie Blackburn explores the causes of burnout and outlines practical tips for daily life that will facilitate more focus, energy, and engagement, and will help maintain the drive to stay in the nonprofit sector for years to come.​​ Jamie, who has Master’s degrees inContinue reading “Five Ways to Curb Burnout {Guest Post}”

Finding Collaboration Among the Pieces of an Earth-Shattering Time

With COVID boosters scheduled and the kids’ vaccine around the corner, there’s hope that we may be rounding the corner of our collective pandemic marathon. I have been wondering what will remain from this seemingly endless period of triage. I would love to see more organizations firmly establish more flexible work environments that allow teamsContinue reading “Finding Collaboration Among the Pieces of an Earth-Shattering Time”

Reflect, Resolve, Refine: Seeking Agency in a Time of Crisis {Guest Post}

In the third post in the Burnout Blog Series, guest author Charles Fulcher examines his own job loss during the pandemic and how the process of reflection on his values and priorities helped him transform a sense of helplessness into clarified purpose. Charles worked for 14 years at the National Cathedral, managing a department ofContinue reading “Reflect, Resolve, Refine: Seeking Agency in a Time of Crisis {Guest Post}”

Prepare Your Staff For Their Future Careers. {Guest Post}

I’m excited to bring you the first guest post in the Burnout Blog Series, exploring the importance of preparing your staff (and yourself!) for their next career move. Written by Katie Kapczynski, Visitor Services Manager at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, originally published here. You can connect with Katie on LinkedIn here. In the last fewContinue reading “Prepare Your Staff For Their Future Careers. {Guest Post}”

When Museums Are Better At Preserving Objects Than Staff

Roughly one-fifth of museum workers do not expect to remain in the field in three years, according to the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) report on the impacts of COVID-19. While AAM’s report is rooted in the current reality of the pandemic, the main barriers described by survey respondents—compensation, burnout, and a lack of opportunitiesContinue reading “When Museums Are Better At Preserving Objects Than Staff”